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One of the biggest concerns facing Americans today is retirement.

Unfortunately, many company-sponsored, company-paid pension plans, long the key source of  many Americans' retirement incomes, are quickly being replaced by qualified plans funded by employee contributions.

According to current assumptions made by the Social Security Board of Trustees, annual benefits paid to retirees will exceed payroll tax revenues beginning in 2017. (Source:2005 OASDI Trustees Report)

The answer for many people will be to rely on investment vehicles such as IRAs, Employer-sponsored 401(k) and 403 (b) Plans, Fixed and variable annuities, and Life insurance.

Most of us list financial security at retirement among our highest priorities, yet only a few of us take adequate steps to prepare for it.

At Royal Asset Mgmt, we will work with you to choose the right tools now to prepare for the comfortable retirement you deserve.